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Campbell, on Bass and Didgeridoo, Vocals Steeve, Mandola and Acoustic Guitar,Vocals Gareth,Fiddle,Acoustic Guitar,Mandola,Vocals Les, Electric Guitar Tess, Drums and Djembe

Download Sample Song: Willfjord (Arrangement by Pagan Poets)

The Pagan Poets started off life in the summer of 1996, and consist of Steve Eaglesham on mandolin and acoustic guitar, Les Cowly on electric guitar, Gareth Incé on fiddle, Campbell Goodall on bass, and Tess — I know it's a girl's name — on drums.

Originally, they were a mere covers band, playing “Waterboys”, “Levellers” and' some traditional tunes, but soon realized that their few original tunes and songs were getting a great response at their live shows. Soon the band was writing far more material and wildly arranging traditional tunes.

Over the past four years, the band have come up with a set that will see then long into 2001. In the summer of 1999, the band decided to turn professional and recorded their debut album “Tess is a Girls Name” at Unity studios, Forres.

Sunrise, up on the Cats back, Ross-Shire,was inspiration for new song and maybe a name for the forthcoming Album?  Heading for the Highland Gathering, Jakarta

All the time whilst writing and arranging, the band have been playing and headlining festivals all over Scotland and the UK, including; the Bettyhill, Aultnamain, and Highland Festivals, and supporting bands such as; Drunk In Public (The Levellers), Tartan Amobeas, The Silencers, and Wolfstone. This year (2000) was also quite special, they were invited to Headline the Highland gathering in Jakarta, with some TV appearances now coming through, plus many new dates to be added to their continuous tour of Scotland and the UK.

The end product has turned out to he a remarkable and innovative band and a great debut album. Towards the end of what was a very busy year, the band have got some new tunes, they are going into the studio January 2001 to record, and release their second album early this year (2001) we will be travelling all over, if 2000 was any thing to go by, they are going to be a very sought after Band around the World very soon!!

Should you decide that you would like to visit the Highlands for a touring Holiday, and would like to see the Pagan Poets perform live then just ask Nigel he is their Transport Road Manager.

The Pagan Poets

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