Dave, Guitar, Vocals Hosie, Drums


Coinneach are a band based in the Highlands of Scotland, playing a unique brand of pop tinged folk music, steeped in the pictish vibe of fiddle, intigrating the best of pop/rock with the Celtic influences of their upbringing.
The music is contempory, dealing with todays issues and shouts...
DANCE,  JUMP and GYRATE. Summer '98 saw the welcome release of Coinneachs' second coming, "Ice, Trees and Lullabies", which kept the band to a busy touring schedule throughout the country. The band headlined a successful tour during the '98 Highland Festival and rounded off the last night of the Aberdeen Alternative Festival in spectacular fashion. Bringing the year to an end, Coinneach hosted the Inverness Highland Hogmany Street Party, "seeing in the New Year" with the 12,000 revellers who joined them. The event was billed as the

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