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'Highland Motorcycle Holidays' boss, Nigel Newell, made my comeback to motorcycling a painless and enjoyable experience. The two short breaks we've had with him (yes! I took my wife), were the culmination of my day dreams over many years. After five minutes in his company, it seemed as though I was talking to an old friend, and as most of the chat was centered around biking, he gleaned enough to make our ride-outs pleasant, not frightening. Not too fast at first, not too far in one go, showing a brake-light before rounding a sharper bend. A bit like a 'Direct Access Course' and holiday combined, and it didn't cost a penny extra. Not that I am a total stranger to big bikes, my last one being a Norton Atlas, and I have had the odd flirtation with Jap. Superbikes around the car park, but boarding a VFR750 with a pillion suffering from blind faith in me, and launching off into the great blue yonder (tinted visor), was a whole lot easier having a mentor of Nigel's cool up front. Open roads had become a fond memory of my dad in his 'Standard 12', driving the family around Wales: until Nigel lead us out of Inverness into 'The Highlands'. The traffic disappeared, a gently winding and swooping road unfolded, and once again, I was Mike Hailwood. Welcoming café stops, souvenir hostelry's where big boots and dripping clobber weren't scorned, beauty spots and visitor centers, Nigel knew them all. This year was not just about biking either. My mum and dad-in-law were in tow. Entertainment and excursions were organized for them while we were biking. The second half of the week we toured in the car, staying at a different location for three nights. All accommodation, routes etc., arranged by Nigel. Coping with the stress of family and job all year, planning a holiday can sometimes increase the strain. With HMH it's a doddle. Like the man says, 'All you have to do is ride'.


Yours sincerely

Vic. Taylor






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